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Managing Director Anambra Newspapers and Printing Cooperation (ANPC) and National Light Newspapers Sir Chuka Nnabuife has explained reason for the first ever debate for candidates vying for positions in anambra state.

Nnabuife, in his opening speech at the Senatorial debate organised by media organizations in Anambra state and environs said "The debate was born out of the fact that it will be odd if the state did not have any debate for candidates vying for election posts.

'National Light Newspaper introduced a series know as 'Know your candidate' were candidates are interviewed because we believe in hearing from the horses mouth.

'This is the first time in the history of Anambra state that we are having such an event in anambra state.

The ANPC boss after the debate told reporters in an interview that this event is all about candidates interaction with fellow candidates, the media and the civil society.

"The media been the fourth estate of the realm and the duly Mandated eyes, ears and mouth of the people should offer the people a clear direction because it also affects the media if the society don't have the best leadership.

"We don't have the culture of debate in anambra state and it gives room for alot of misinformation, fake news,  hate speeches and makes the people feel like the media is not living up to its expectations.

"It is the medias rolet to get candidates and find out their aspirations are and what and that is exactly what we did today. So as to get news.

"The event came late in the period of candidates campaign but we hope that by the time we do another one,  we look forward to having a larger house of candidates and media organizations . It was a little challenging putting up this event but the feelings of the people is guiding us.

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