Some of the 10,000 prostitutes that endorsed Atiku and Obi in a bid to defend them  as their big customers allegedly threatened to protest naked against Governor Obiano.

They hinged the reason behind their naked protest threat against Governor Obiano on the foolish allegation that Governor Obiano is working in favour of President Buhari 2nd term re-election against their biggest customer in the person of Mr Peter Obi.

Recall that last week National Association of Nigeria Prostitutes endorsed the Atikufulaning and Obituaring evil agenda and some of the prostitutes operating under an amorphous group of Women for Credible democracy and Anaocha Women Vanguard are behind the naked protest threat.

My position on their naked protest threat against Governor Obiano is that it is not a new thing for prostitutes to expose their body because it is there known stock in trade.

They use exposure of their nakedness to lure their customers and doing it in projection of the dead on arrival ambition of their biggest customers, Atiku and Obi,  will not be a new thing.

I will not fail to remind them that under Governor Obiano, Anambra is the safest State and in that regards, the alert security operatives in Anambra will not tolerate any break down of law and order in the State.

 They are free to go ahead with their naked protest but they must bear in mind that the security operatives will deal decisively with them if they forment trouble in the State during their protest.

As far as the February 16th and March 2nd election is concerned, Governor Obiano cannot be cowed by any amorphous group.

His support for APGA candidates starting with Gen John Gbor and others is still intact.

The Atiku and Obi political ship must capsize in Anambra State because they don't mean well for Anambra people and Nigerians at large.

When Mr Peter Obi was campaigning for Oseloka Obaze against Governor Obiano in the last governorship election,  groups supporting Governor Obiano did not threaten him with naked protest and now that Governor Obiano is campaigning in favour of all APGA candidates for the 2019 general election, a group of lunatics in their foolish reasoning resorted to threatening  him with prostitutes naked protest.

Well, all their evil plan for Governor Obiano has hit a brick wall.

APGA candidates will clinch an overwhelming victory in Anambra State because the working Governor Obiano has delivered verifiable democracy dividends in the State.

Anambra electorates are feeling indebted to Governor Obiano because of his good works in the State and the best time to pay him back is on February 16th and March 2nd.

 I million prostitutes protest cannot thwart the victory of all APGA candidates in the forthcoming general election.

Governor Obiano will remain focused  in delivering dividends of good governance to Anambra people.

 Atikufulaning and Obituaring lunatics are free to continue wasting their time with their childish blackmail efforts against Governor Obiano because I know that such blackmail efforts are futile exercise that will not yield any fruitful result.

 February 16th and March 2nd is a punishment day for all the atrocities PDP committed against ndi Anambra.

They will never go scot free and they
 must reap the fruit of the 2004 mayhem in Anambra State.

 It's ridiculous, that a group of evil men operating under the umbrella body of Poverty Development Party will destroy a State with impunity in 2004 and return to the same State in 2019 to ask for the vote of the owners of the State they destroyed without apologising for their evil act of destruction.

 PDP will learn a bitter lesson in Anambra State on February 16th and March 2nd.

Vote APGA candidates all the way from Presidential to Senate to House of Reps and House of Assembly because APGA remain igbo's beacon of hope.

I remain your truth advocate, Evang Chinedu Obigwe  (Akaekpuchionwa)National Co-ordinator of APGA Media Warriors Forum.