This message is from the two Revelations I had this morning.
I was praying for the state of the country and against announcement of a conspiracy election result.

Then at about 3:20; I had a disturbing Revelation;  in it I saw what explained the first revelation I posted out informing that I saw the throne of Nigeria vacant and Atiku came in and saw the vacant throne and was becoming excited and as he wanted to sit on, he doesn't know  that ElRufai was behind who removed the throne away, and Akiku unknowingly sat but fell down,  then ElRufai took the throne to Buhari and carried him and sat on it.
Today I saw as Atiku and Buhari and INEC official were there. A scroll was placed on a table and it was for Atiku  to take it but Buhari gave the INEC officials sign to beat Atiku's hand off or down which they did and Buhari pick it and walked out with face/head changed into an abnormal long shape.
At about 6:45am, as I was reading my Bible, the Lord opened my eyes, and I saw people gathered in a town hall discussing how to correct the abnormalities. The resolution was to collect the scroll from Buhari to Atiku. But Buhari and the Cabal shouted "NO, NO MANY TIMES AND SAID IT HAS BEEN DONE WHAT HAS BEEN DONE IS DONE AND CAN'T BE REVERSE OTHERWISE WE KILL EVERYBODY"
Then, the Lord said "TELL MY PEOPLE TO WAIT UNTIL AFTER TODAY"  This was repeated three times. When I asked the Lord for further details, He said whether "TODAY" will stand for a year or months, yet let them wait until  After TODAY.
Then, I saw Him in a grieving mood and He said His heart goes for the REMNANTS. Because the big fall away in the church is to blame for any error in the country. They have abandoned Him and back the person He has deposed (remove). That if not for the tears of the Remnants, at this stage, He should have hand off and allow people to be grill by Islam and their agenda. But however to protect what He has in mind for the East extraction of Nigeria, there shall be judgement. Nigeria will enter the season of judgement. But comfort my Remnants. I will send them consolations and rewarding packages for their labour and doggedness to maintain my name and light. In them I will fulfill what I have in mind for the East extraction of Nigeria. Tell my people to patiently wait until after Today and allow me handle the matter by myself. I don't need assistance. I will do and they will see. Let my people who are the Remnants continue placing a strong demand on me!!
Share this with the Remnants you know.
Prof C. D. Livingstone
Somalia-Uganda Mission Field