The People's Democratic Party (PDP) candidate for Senate Anambra central senatorial District  Senator Lady Iyom Uche Ekwunife has assured the youth of her district that if voted into the red chambers, she will use her experience as a former lawmaker to sponsor bills that will assure and secure the future of Nigeria youths.

Ekwunife who appeared in a debate organised by collective of mass media organizations in Anambra state and environs for senatorial candidates held at the event hall of National Lights Newspapers at Awka said 'I have been in politics for long and have acquired enough experience.

'I have served at the green chambers for eight years and have been in the Senate for six months. With my capabilities, track records and ambition, am confident that I will be victorious.

"The job of a legislator is to make laws for good governance. Laws that will will emancipate our people and will guarantee the future of our youths.

"Apart from representing my people, I will lobby for projects that will boost the economy of the state especially empowerment through job creation and skills aqusition.

On Restricturing, the former legislator said " Restructuring is the only option that will librate these country. If we restructure this country, every region will focus on its territory which will reduce our scrutiny and challenges.

On Representation she added by saying " We need people who are bold, cencer, who have vision, time, zeal and who can stand firm on issues.

'I will promote sports activities so as to bring nature and discover young talents because it is one of the things that unite us in these nation. I will partner with agencies.

On voting. Ekwunife told newsmen in an interview after the debate that "Anybody that did not vote does not have the right to hold someone accountable.

She praised the organisers for organizing this historic event and also frowned at the absence of other candidates who did not show up for the debate describing it as a bad omen to snob this kind gesture from the media and civil society.

Mr. Ifeanyi Paul a civil society activist told press men that the event is a step in the right direction. He however express his surprise and disappointment over the boycott of the debate by some candidate describing it as a show of negligence.

Paul, tasked candidates to keep their campaign promises as they will be held accountable by the voters.