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Many are of the view that music is supposed to be a mirror and reflection of the society and last year 2018 is a year that many music lovers will not forget in a hurry as the Nigeria Music Industry recorded tremendous achievement and improvement.

The new year has began and more is expected from the industry. Vetrians in the field has come out to advice young and upcoming artist to concentrate on improving their contents through addressing  issues such as the promise and fail nature of our politicians and how they have failed the populace who voted them into power.

A wake up call has been given to song writers through holding our leaders accountable by cationin them to stop feeding the masses with lies and false hopes especially during campaign and election periods.

Fans have expressed satisfaction and salute the bravery of some Nigerians artist over some songs released last year like 'Kettle' by Erigga. 'promise and fail' by 9ice. 'Naija jungle' from Sound Sultan for pointing to the suffering and calling out government and telling them what needs to be done to develop the country.

Other notable songs that were released in 2018 which have received some aculate for dearing to tackle pressing issues affecting the country includes 'Na their way be that' by femi kuti. 'It is God' from illbliss and 'This is Nigeria' by falz among others.

One of the respected artist in the country Edris Abdulkareem recently in an interview regretted on the negative developments in the country stating that it is high time artist take the bull by the horn.

According to the controversial rapper ' We need musicians who will sing more on the hardship in the country. How the country has turned out to be a jungle. One of which is the survival of the fittest. The state of terrorism, hatred,   envy, insecurity, poverty, starvation and the likes are now the order of the day. and how churches and religious leaders establish schools that average members cannot afford to send their kids"

The 'Nigeria jaja-jaga' crooner added by saying "Artist should stop displaying money, girls and cars in their videos but should use their music to propell our leaders to do the right thing.

"Poverty is increasing. Nigeria in 2018 became the head quarters of poverty as it over took India. Our people are living in extreme poverty which according to statistics increased by six every single minute. With over 87 million people living in extreme poverty and an alarming rate of out of school children which is estimated at 13.2 million. More emphases should be made on corruption, oppression and suffering of the people as the way of the ruling class."

The former 'Remedies' group member concluded by pointing out on the fact that "When songs address and vividly describe the Nigeria situation,  it faces ban from the Nigeria Broadcasting Commission (NBC)

It would be recall that 'Nigeria jaga-jaga' a song by Edris Abdulkarem was banned from all radio and TV station by NBC during the regim of president Olusegun Obasenjo.

Last year, Falz sued NBC to court and is demanding a huge sum of hundred million Naira as a compensation for banning his song 'This is Nigeria'

Another legend of the Nigeria Music Industry Michael Stephen Ugochukwu popularlly know as 'Ruggard Man' has encourage artist to highlight more on the ills in 21st century.

The Abia state born rapper  frowned at the hardship in the country and insist that music is a great means to pass the message to those concern. He wrote in his instagram page saying

" This year,  more songs should be done on issues like the bitter reality so many Nigeria youths have been or are still subjected to, how our leaders don't care about us weather we die, if we eat or starve,  the negligence and senseless killings.

" The coat and flag of our dearing Nigeria is stained by the blood of the innocents. Our oil which use to be a gift has become a curse giving rise to soo many militant groups in the Niger delta region. How soo many people have suffered in the notorious parastatel called SARS. How our leaders run our country like a company and a corporation yet nothing works. How crime and dollar and inflation rate is increasing. Young boys now grow up with internet Frud stars as their role models because society now celebrates anyone who can make it to the top regardless of the means.

With such recommendations coming from top names in the game,  music lovers are expecting to hear songs with better contents and good story line this year.

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