Senatorial candidate of the African Democratic Congress (ADC) for Anambra Central district Tony-Uche Ezekwelu said if voted in at the higher chambers he will fight for the right of his people and protect their interest and will perform far more better than the incubent.

Ezekwelu, made this comment at the Anambra Media and political debate interactive forum 2019. Held at National Light event hell Awka, the state capital.

According to him " I have enough experience in legislating. I started gathering expirence from the days of my schooling and since then, I have made enough contact and network.

On restructuring he said "Nigeria needs to be restructured. This will garentee the autonomy of our people. The igbo race has been marginalised for a long time now.

" If this country is restructured, so many things will change. There will be equal rights and justice. It will bring to an end favoritism and there will be equity. Every region will concentrate on developing it's territory.

"I will sponsor a bill that will prohibite the children of politicians from schooling abroad. Let there children study in public schools in the country. This will improve our institutions above the standard it is now. As a vocal person, I will always talk and speak.

On the security challenge been faced by the government, the ADC candidate said " Nigeria is facing security challenge because those chosen as head of security chiefs are not compitent enough.

"If we have the necessary legislative instruments in place,  there will be proper qualifications in chosen our heads of chiefs. They should be people who are qualified based on international standards.

On constituency projects he disclosed that "With the vision, strength and energy I have, I will bring home all our mandate. I will also empower the youths with human capital project. We will give loans to youths to start up business projects without interest charges.

Speaking to journalist after the debate On the fourth coming general election, Ezekwelu boosted saying " ADC will get over thirty percent of the National Assembly. That is our target and it has started manifesting.

Reacting to the absent of other candidates on the debate he frowned at their attitude saying " I am totally disappointed with the incubent and others for avoiding this type of event and gathering. It shows they are already failures.

"I am expecting to come and see the incubent to hold him accountable and to tell him that he is trying his best but I have something better to offer. Analogy old men should leave the sit and allow young men of ICT age to run the system.

'Those that avoided the debate don't know what to tell the people. They
don't have manifestos. They are afraid of people like us."

He appreciated the organisers of the debate, the media and civil society saying "This event is the first of its kind. We have come to a stage in Nigeria were those that are going to represent us must be made to be acceptable during, before and after the elections.

"I am happy that Anambra state media has started it today. Making it possible for candidates to come and tell the people what they are going to do for them.

'It should become a law that before election one must appear before before the media. If we don't keep them on hot sit and crutunise there past, present and future, we will continue to failures .