well, I do post all these evil happenings to let youths see how those guys they thought is rich made their money.
..Ladies suffer it most, bcos they too much like fine boy...or rich guys...
Sisters listen. ..when this kind of men make love to you, it's as equivalent as making love with a snake in the realms of the spirit. ..
Their sperm can cause you eternal barrenness..
There Sperm in you...you are cursed, you have failed, you have lost it all.
You need fine boy and rich guys for boyfriend. ..devil will present them to you...and your destiny will be transferred to hell as you accept. .

God can bless you will a good Man, Handsome and rich. ..but you must convince God that you will be a good wife by avoiding all these satanic flashy gifts....
In life. ..every good thing you must get from God must be Challenged by God and devil...the reason we said....nothing good comes easy....whenever
gift appear so easy and Cheap...Look deeper..investigate the source of that gift...and you will see Satan as the giver at the end...Be careful and be wise...SHALOM.