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Diabetics is one of the common killers and fast growing diseases in the world -- Medical Personal By: Ifeanyi Okonkwo

 Nigerians have been advised to live moderate lives so as to avoid the incurable disease.

Dr. Chukwudi Okani a health consultant in Awka in an interview explain the causes of the disease and also adviced those yet to have the disease on things to do in order to prevent it.

According to the health professional, the symptoms of diabetics differs most times.

Okani, listed the symptoms as feeling tired,  hungry and excessive thirsty all the times, lost of weight, frequent urination, blaring of vision amongst other signs.

He added by saying diabetics occur when an individual body is unable to brake down glucose into energy because there is not enough insulin (produced by the pancreas) to brake down the glucose or because the insulin produced does not work properly.

He futher explained insulin as what is responsible for the cell to produce energy for one to work around and burn energy.

"Diabetics is an incurable disease (though could be managed) but can be hereditary and can lead to other medical complications if not well managed.

Omani, disclosed that there are two major categories of diabetics that are common listing them as Type one (which occurs during adolescent usually to very young individual) and Type two (which is more of adults and occurs from fourth years and above).

Doctor Okani emphases that diabetics is a metabolic problem and sometimes individual do not know from the unset that they have diabetics and if one does not take it serious, one might lose his life from either high or low blood glucose.

He throw more light on the subject matter explaining that 'for the fact that an individual blood sugar goes up for the first time does not really mean that the person is diabetic until it is constantly and persistently high above the normal level.

He however advices individual who have not gotten the disease to eat balance and healthy diet because what one eat is a big determinant of having diebeties.

Others healthy diet suggested includes fruits, vegetables, food high in fibre among others. Food to avoid are fat like cakes, cookies bread, salt, sugar, processed food, alcoholic drinks and excess carbohydrates.

He urged individuals to know there blood sugar level stating that it is the first step to take. "This can be done through seeking professional help from doctors or other certified medical personnel.

"Constant exercising and always being active increases the insulin sensitivity of the cell and put the blood sugar automatically under control.

"Control of blood pressure will reduce the risk of diabetes especially with people that have hereditary history of the disease.

"There is need to constantly monitor blood pressure because most times hypertension and diabetes are conjoined twins. The medical practitioner disclosed.

It would be recalled that in 2017, statistics from the World Health Organizations (WHO)  indicates that about eight point eight (8.8) percent of the global population had diabetics.

This is over four hundred and fifty million people diagnosed with the disease by the year 2045 making diabetics one of the fastest growing chronic disease in the world.

According to experts, diabetes has remain one of the leading causes of kidney failure, partial blindness, it also doubles the risk for heart attack or stroke and can damage the vessels that supply the nerves

Unfortunately, the figure is projected to rise to nine point nine (9.9) percent by 2045

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