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CRIME: we were falsely accused by Madonna University. Suspects cry out By: Ifeanyi Okonkwo

The federal high court Awka on Tuesday 19th February had the court casw of ex Madonna University students who were arrested for 'allerged publication of false massages' against Rev.Fr. Emmanuel Ede and Madonna University.

Barrister V. I Jimeh Esq,  O. I onyekwelu and others (defendant) pleaded with presiding judge Babatunde Olaide Quqdri to bail the young men who have been in detention over one month stating that Nigeria law does not allow the detention of a suspect beyound 24 hours.

The suspects who were in court include Ezeimo Anthony Prince, Amaechi Benedict, Owhonda Karaka Badaziri, Okpara Harmelson Nnamdi amongst others.

After several debates, the judge having listerned carefully to both sides said the suspect will be granted bail after meeting up with certain demands which include a  payment of one million naira each, a surty which must be a civil servent of not less than grade twelve with the signature and confirmation of the permanent sacretery and  that the surty still has some hears of service ahead.

The suspect who pleaded not guilty were accused of several offence by the institution of Madonna which includes:The creation of of a social media named 'great madonnites' and sent false massages through network that Madonna University is a death trap. Accusing the management of the institution of being tyrants and hypocritical.

The suspects were said to be doing all these with the purpose of causing annoyance, inconvenience, danger, obstruction, impersonation, enemity and hatred which is a punishable offence under section 22 (2) (B) of the cybercrimes prohibition.

In an interview, Barr. Jimeh said "There has been desperate measures in trying to keep the suspects behind bars but the right procedures should be followed.

"when one is facing trials, it's either the court aquit or convict the individual. As lawyers, we are doing our best as professionals to defend the allegations."

Concerning the lingering detention of the suspects, he said "When one suffers long detention beyound the limit allowed by law, you have the right to suo for violation of foundermental right.

"This is the option available to the detained suspects if they chooses to explore and demand for justice.

Ezeimo Anthony prince (one of the suspects) who spoke on behave of the other victims said "We were falsely accused by Madonna University. We are not guilty and I believe we will be vindicated.

So far,  many arrest have been made and are still being made.

The case was adjoined till 19th of March 2019.

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