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Corper Laments Her Ordeal In The Just Concluded Election

"The rigging was too much. I was the PO for my polling unit.

They wanted to kill us yesterday.

They subjected us to abject fear and anxiety. Nothing like card reader, PVC and the rest. They'll just bring figures and ask you to sign, stamp and give them ballot papers to thumbprint.

We didn't even bring out our card readers.

The total number of voters in my polling unit is 1220. These people gave APC 1000 votes, PDP 200 and APGA 20.
That's how APC won.

So this is how elections are being conducted in the north.

And we in the east will be wasting our time and energy queuing up, doing all manner of nonsense all in the name of free and fair election.

At some point, agents were signing, stamping and thumbprinting ballot papers at once. We didn't see even one voters card.

When we got back, we were so happy the result would be cancelled because we were told during the training that manual voting isn't valid. To our greatest surprise, INEC didn't even request for our card readers. They didn't even ask us how the election went. They didn't even check the signatures on the ballot papers. They didn't even ask why we had so many mistakes on our result sheets. They just copied the figures and asked us to go home.

"So my dear, INEC is a very big scam. Nigeria needs God's intervention."

Share this until it goes viral. This impunity must stop.

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