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Without mimcing words or sounding immodest, one can categorically say that Hon. John Nwokoye chances of being the next legislator to represent Awka North Constituency at the State House of Assembly, are so so bright.
In truth, he is the Candidate to beat. He is currently dwarfing other Candidates and their few supporters leaving in droves.

From Achalla to Awba Ofemili, Ugbene, Ebenebe, to Urum, Amansea, Amanuke, Isu Aniocha, down to  Mgbakwu, and Ugbenu, the story of his selfless service, patience, consistency with the party, dedication  and commitment to the people, has reached an all time crescendo.

One then, can aptly say that Onowu Achalla is a round peg in a round hole.

Onowu Achalla, has taken the burden upon himself with the support of everyone, to bring radical changes through effective law that would better the lives of the people.

He is winning supporters from opposing parties over because his vision and mission for his people is all encompassing. Everyone wants to be part of the working team. Everyone wants to be part of history.

The Nwokoye John Support Group, NJSG, is a movement that has taken shape in all the wards that made up the Constituency. A progressive grassroot movement that wants to see a new Awka North, working again.

And who else is championing that course for a paradigm shift in Awka North, if not Hon. Nwokoye John.

Awka North is on the brink of something special.

Without any fear of contradiction, More Money remains the man to beat.

When he speaks, his people listen to him with rapt attention. That's an hallmark of a politician who is one with is people.

He is vocal, accessible, he has empathy and above all he is young and well articulated.

Come March 2nd, 2019, the people will vote massively for Hon. John Nwokoye and APGA, for a better and prosperous Awka North.

_*For Our Tomorrow...We Take Action Today*_

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