Something is about to happen in Awka North and South. A wind of transformation, a wind of renewal is coming from every corner in Awka North and South, which will breathe new life into the people.

As far as representation at the green chambers is concern, the whole of Awka North and South, have said loud and clear that the era of borehole Legislator, misrepresentation, the era of unproductive, purposeless, inefficacious, incompetent leadership is gone.

The people have had enough of *Anayo Nnebe,* Awka is divided against him. The people deserve better, that  is why we should dare to bring about this transformation.

*Chief Hon. Godson Ezenagu (Ochendo)* is the transformation that is now necessary because Awka North and South is running in circles, Awka North and South is demanding for equity,  calling for justice.

Ochendo will end every inequality and injustice  against the gentleman agreement that requires Awka North to produce the next Legislator in the name of zoning. Ochendo is the  transformation we need because for too long, the people have witnessed retrogression in their socioeconomic lives and they can no longer hold or tolerate this anymore.

While few benefits from divisive politics in the constituency, the issues that matter most to the people are yet to be settled.

Ochendo is ready to bring  transformation to Awka North and South, so that his people will have a strong voice at the Federal Level.

Time to do away with negative politics and strike a deep connectivity between the two Local Government Areas.

Ndi Awka North and South, Ochendo cannot promise to be less of a good man, you know where he stand and you know he will fight for the priorities you hold dear.

He is committed to do things differently in Awka North and South and he is committed to get results in the first 100 days as your Representative at the Federal House of Assembly.

He is ready, prepared to be your Representative and he fully understand what this means.

As your representative, outside his primary functions, Ochendo, the most trusted Candidate, will build bridges between urban and rural areas and bring closer the different point of views which exist in the constituency.

He will represent the values the people cherish, such as; tolerance, compassion, pride in our differences, respect for democracy, cooperation.

These are values shared by the good people of Awka North and South, and trust Chief Hon. Godson Ezenagu, he will work together with his constituents to bring those values back to the Federal House and our Nation as a whole.

Only him can bring meaningful change to the people. Only him is ripe and ready to take ndi Awka North and South to the next level.

We can prove that the cynics are wrong, that it is possible with Ochendo.

Few will tell you that you have no choice but to support them because they gave you boreholes, transformer with no light, tractor with no input. But that is, once again, old politics.

You deserve better. You deserve change. And for that, ndi Awka North and South need to do more than blocking those self-centered leaders, who will go after their own pocket.

We need to replace them. Something is broken and we need to fix it.

And fixing it starts by supporting Chief Hon. Godson Ezenagu.  I’m calling on you to identify yourself with the all round transformation agenda of Ochendo who is the Candidate of SDP. Together, we can do this.

The time has come for someone to take on those responsibilities.

We are ready to take on this challenge! Ochendo knows that it can’t be done without you.

The future of Awka North and South is at stake my dear people, let’s work together, let’s  put our differences aside, roll up our sleeves and start the work right now.

#Ochendo2019 is a project for all !!!


Michael Okafor
_Writes from Umuokpu_