It is another election year in Awka North and South and uncertainty as usual is resonating across the entire political climate.

Less than 48 hours to the election, the momentum now appear to be in favour of *Chief Godson Ezenagu (OCHENDO),* and victory is certain.

Currently, the underperforming incumbent Legislator, Anayo Nnebe is threatened, knowing fully well that history of his defeat in 2015 is about to repeat itself in 2019 from the same man who took him to the cleaners.

For the past years, Chief Godson Ezenagu has build a strong alliance, connecting to the people much more and received broad endorsements across the Federal Constituency.

There are plenty of factors that strongly revealed why Ochendo will win on Saturday and we are going to outline 5 strong reasons why he will annihilate Nnebe and the rest of the Candidates squarely on Saturday.


At the 2015 election, Ochendo was the APGA Candidate, while Anayo Nnebe was with PDP who were the party at the. Under a free and fair contest, Ochendo defeated him, floored him at Awka South but the final result was altered, by the PDP machineries, to favour him. It will be a different ball game in 2019, as Ochend, his party SDP and the people, are ready to protect their vote.


There is a current tsunami sweeping across the whole of Awka North, political. The awareness among the people of Awka North to speak with one voice and harmonise their political choices, to get what is due to them. Chief Godson Ezenagu is from Awka North, the Local Government Area to produce the next Legislator. This time, Awka North vote will not be divided, with 95% of the people's support going for Ochendo.


Obizi and Okpuno play an important political role in Awka South for any candidate who want to win election. And in this election, the people of Obizi and Okpuno of Awka South have made their stand known. Very sad is the fact that APC, PDP and APGA Candidates are from Awka town. Obizi and Okpuno are seriously pained, they pushed over and not seen as part of Awka South. But then, Ochendo has won the heart of these people and the big chunk of vote coming from there on Saturday will boast his victory.


Over time, Chief Godson Ezenagu has built a great support base across Awka North and South. As a politician with a unique appeal, Ochendo has endeared himself into the hearts of the people. In Awka North and South, Ochendo supporters cut across Political Parties, and non Indigenes residing in the Federal Constituency, are strongly rooting for him.


When a candidate have the total support of stakeholders and traditional rulers in an election, such Candidate have the assurance of winning. This is because in a Constituency, these group play an important role in decision making. Major stakeholders and traditional rulers in Awka North and South have thrown their full weight behind Ochendo. They are standing strongly behind him because it is believed that it is the turn of Awka North to produce the next Legislator. Also, Ochendo has been wrongly treated and that the time is now to right those wrong.

Clearly, Chief Godson Ezenagu is in this race to win. Those who initially have doubt about his chances are currently making a U-turn and affirming that he stand a better chance of emerging.

Ochendo is of SDP and as the greatest grassroot Mobilizer, he has manage to give the party a face. And like wild fire the people are accepting the SDP message and this time are ready to vote for him come Saturday.

*Michael Okafor*
_Writes from Abuja_