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Commissioner of police (CP) Anambra state Garba Baba Umar (psc) has assured political parties, stack holders and candidates vying for election that the Nigeria Police Force (NPF) will not favour anybody during the polls.

Umar, gave the assurance recently at a meeting with electoral stockholders held at the police command in Awka the state capital.

In his words "This meeting is coming at the right time considering the fact that election is around the corner and there is need to brain storm on electoral security review and implementation of security measures through out the electoral process to ensure the success of the general election.

In assuring the political parties on the security measures that is already in place he added by saying

"The police force will maintain absolute neutrality and professionalism in line with the internationally acceptable best practices as well as provide a level playing ground for all political parties in the state.

"The legacy of free and fair election achieved by the command during the last gubernatorial election achieved by the state will not only be sustained but consolidated.

"We will not leave any stone unturned in order to achieve success. The command has initiated strategic actions plan in accordance with the vision and mission of the Inspector General of Police (IGP) mohammed Abubakar Adamu

"We shall collaborate with other sister agencies in order to frustrate political thugs and other misguided elements who want to truncate the electoral process, they should have a rethink.

"We will not hesitate to take all necessary steps within the ambit of the law to deal desively with any individual or group under whatever guise and bring them to book.

"There shall be no usage of phone at polling units. We will be unpolitical. We don't have any interest with any political party. We will provide an enabling playing ground.

"Anambra state has become a mirror to other states. There has been no violence recorded in the previous elections within the state.

"If you have any information about any political thugs, give us so that we can pick them up. Nobody is above the law.

"The logistics of all police men are been paid one week before election. This is to prevent any form of temptation.

Stockholders who attended the meeting in there separate speeches urged the police to stick to the ethics of their profession.

"All hands must be on deck to prevent those who are preparing to use violence. We conderm vote buying and selling.

"Anambra is a very peaceful state. The safest state in Nigeria. A state that has never recorded election violence. We don't have political clashes because we love our lives and bear in mind that it cannot be replaced.

"Politicians use court orders to settle dispute.

"We urge the police to allow our accraditated agents to have access to monitor  and supervise votes at collecting unites. Stating that election are mostly rigged at collecting centers.

"Let the police try and regain the trust and confidence of citizens on the fact that their lives is safe and will be protected during election.

The meeting attracted Chairman of political parties, asspirents, enforcement agencies, INEC, Government representatives, election monitors (Including domestic and foreign observers, the media, civil society organization and electoral assistance agencies.my

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