Every responsive political leader encourages a vibrant and robust grassroots governance to enable it have a feedback channel outside of its own circle.
 This gives room for peer review and assessment of the effectiveness of government policies and programs.  My people of Ndi Aguata Constituency in Anambra State are known for their outstanding participation in politics where capable candidates becomes priority.

 The public participation in governance has grown over the years and has remained open to all and sundry, who desire to deliver the mandate of democracy to the people. This participation has reduced anti-democratic practices to the barest minimum. It is a basic principle of political leadership that feedback from the electorate whether it positive or negative should be collated, this will reinforce the particular input that was the initial stimulus of the leader and can lead notable reviews and subsequent modification to enable it to achieve the desired goal or target. And there is a man who has served, proofed, and built his political career on this tenets, he knows the importance of the grassroots in all his political sojourn and he does not joke with feedbacks from the people. He is no other person than Hon. Chukwuma Umeoji (Oba Aguata).

One would reasonably ask why do we need Hon. Chukwuma Umeoji?

He has proven diligence in defining what true democracy looks like, he has transformed the face of politics in Aguata from various leadership strides and providing practical solutions to real life situation. He honours democracy and constantly calls on the electorates to stand up for a democratic government in a free and fair election. He understands governance and its various processes. He believes so well in patriotism, public-spiritedness,  honesty, with an abiding love for the people of Anambra. As a seasoned intellectual, his political discuss are very contemporary with concerted efforts that go beyond talks but feasible solutions. He enjoys sharing quality time with the youths which he believes are not just political instruments but leaders of the next generation.

In a time when our young people need better governance, a time when the old people are clamoring for better social welfare programme, a time when the electorates want a more holistic grassroots governance that would represent the interest of the people at the National level. We need someone as stable and practical as Hon. Umeoji, who will not just address the issue of education on papers like the paper tiger politicians do. But will go the extra mile of ensuring the reduction of illiteracy in Aguata through a rigid scholarship scheme to deserving students and supporting primary school students with necessary materials.

To many, he remains an honest, honourable and sane politician whose loyalty transcends politicking and rulership to delivering the mandate of the people. He is the people’s choice, he is the one we need.

 Give us Oba Aguata, Give us Hon. Chukwuma Umeoji to represent us in the green chambers.

Like an old lorry driver that never forgets any road hapennings while on transit, none would forget his earnest contributions to the well-being of Ndi Aguata people. And here's the good news, no matter one's political entanglements, sure  be part of this OBA AGUATA vision.

Ezeofor Ifesinachi writes from Ekwulobia, Anambra state.

A vote for Umeoji is a vote for posterity....!