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Why is very good to listen to our parents

I was in the market with my Mom
She was busy getting what I didn't like (her choice).

While we were chatting and laughing, she stepped on a slay queen. A foolish girl without home training (27-28yrs single I guessed).
The lady pushed my mother and she fell. I quickly ran to help her up. And I asked her if she was fine. She smiled replying, 'Yes dear'.
The anger in me gave me strength and I wanted to go and fight for my mother. I wanted to teach the girl a lesson. But suddenly my mom held my hands and she looked straight into my eyes and said to me, 'Don't fight, don't even quarrel or exchange words'. She may be sick and she may be looking for who will bury her.
I didn't want to to disobey my mom in public so I calm down but was restless.
She walked up to the slay queen and said to her, 'My daughter, I'm sorry it wasn't intentional'.
The slay queen couldn't hold her tears she answered, 'Mama, I'm sorry. I'm just battling with my temperament'.
My mum smiled and said, 'I forgave you even before now'.
Members of the public rained abuses on her. It was my mom that stopped them and she left.
My mom then looked at me and said, 'my boy, it's not all the time you fight and it's not all things you react to. Two wrongs cannot make a right'.
Recently, I saw the same lady's obituary. I told my mom what I saw. She smiled and said; ' Go and thank your God that you didn't hit or threaten her, you would have been paying for what you didn't know'. She continued, 'Even in your relationship, it's not everything you react to. Never fight with your partner, or else you might loose'.
Listen everyone!
It's not every comment you follow up or reply. It's not everything your partner does that you pick offence with and/or revenge. It's not everything people say you give answers to.
In fact explaining yourself to people is not necessary.
Some people are just walking corpse looking for who to bury them. Be careful.
Some people have very bad temperament, help them out by avoiding them.
It takes grace to over look.
When you fight, it does not mean you are strong; it only shows you are weak.

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