An exorcist priest from Canada gave a talk in which he explained * the importance of adoring the Blessed Sacrament * for at least one hour a week.
And for people who suffer from strong illnesses or have problems with some of their family members, he said that going to worship for half an hour or an hour a day, not only cure; but it transforms everything. It is the maximum. The priest also gave some guidelines on how to do the adoration ...
* The first 15 minutes * go before Jesus in the Eucharist, and tell Him that you love Him and that you want to allow yourself  to be loved by Him.

* The next 15 minutes * Thank Him for everything:
For life
For family
For what we have to eat
For work or business
For the water we have to bathe. Etc...
Many, he said, no longer give thanks because we do not value what we have, but we always look at what we do not have.

* After do 15 min of reparation *
Repairing and delivering of our relatives who do not know Him do not love Him ...
Reparation for the terrible things that are happening in the world: Abortions, idolatries, massacres, adulteries, etc ...

*And use the last 15 minutes to make  requests*
He mentioned that he gave the 15 minute times as a guide, but it does not necessarily have to be those times.
He also said that whoever has a disease like cancer, if he goes to the Blessed Sacrament to do adoration, does not lose weight, does not lose his hair, or feel strong pain. He said that from an exposed Blessed Sacrament Jesus' rays are coming out and people get healed and delivered.

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