The members of the Ozor Title Council of Mgbakwu Autonomous Community in Awka North have today stated their conviction that Chief Godson Ezenagu, the Social Democratic Party (SDP) Candidate for the Awka North/South House of Representatives, Federal Constituency is definitely headed for victory at the forthcoming polls on Febrary 16, 2019.

  This Undaunting declaration was made today in a sitting as Chief Ezenagu paid the titled men of prestige a visit.
  Ozor Nduka Nzekwe, who first spoke, said that it would be a shame to them and their respective families if Ochendo did not win and so in order to avoid such a scenario, it was a no-brainer that everybody in Mgbakwu will surely vote for him.
  Ozor Samuel Nnamah, a PDP member, spoke next and detailed how he and others went through utmost stress during the last elections and put in all their available resources to make sure that Anayo Nnebe (Ichelle) won but after winning, he (Ichelle) forgot them, avoided their calls and only gave jobs to his village people.
 He went on to state that this time around, Ichelle had lost their support and trust and he would no longer make his choice based on party but rather, on personality. He concluded by saying that though he is a member of PDP, he and his people were going to vote for Ochendo and he should expect victory.
  Chairman of the Ozor Council, Ozor Iloozor Anaekokwu in his speech, promised and assured Ochendo that when next he (Ochendo) will visit them again after the election, he would do that as the Member, Representing Awka North/South Federal Constituency in the House of Representatives.