Over the years, Oyi state Constituency have witnessed all levels of mal-representation and underdevelopment due to lack of ingenuity from our representatives.
Our Emancipation have been cajoled and our communities slowing in progress and growth in numerous areas of need. Our roads are the worst since history, our health services are so poor that life can't be served any longer rather they aid casualty, employment, youths empowerment and other notable political incentives is often considered endless wishes due to kwashiorkor-ed representation.

Oyi State Constituency, a constituency that was once a center focus of development in the state is now sliding into the murky waters of poor representation. Oyi is in dire need of transformation in representation, the political crime must not remain unabated as we are left with yet another opportunity to make things right and elect someone who has a clear vision of progress and transformation for his people.

The ugly tale of political discrepancy must not be aided in Oyi state Constituency even on a short term anymore. It's time to do away with politicians to whom promises meant nothing to after the electioneering period, our hardwork and struggles must incite new age development and centric investments that will unshackle our reluctance in progression.

The good and innocent people of Oyi Constituency have witnessed a shambling and disastrous representation over the years, where we have equally witnessed death toll rise due to hunger and starvation, many of our children are out of school while the youths are in limbo. Only a collective efforts will and can bring back the glory days in Oyi state Constituency if we can really round a proven and dexterous political emancipator and facilitator who has avowed to take Oyi state Constituency to the world and through the legislative arm Of Government bring hope and drive development in our tasteless Constituency.

Hon. Rapjoe Chibuzor Unachukwu, a philanthropist, nation builder, youth and dexterous political Stalwart is driven by immense passion to improve the standards and quality of lives amongst our people through effective and all inclusive representation, he is youth driven, innovative, vocal and pragmatic, he will not only represent his people but will equally transform lives through robust debates at the floor of the assembly.

*Hon. Rapjoe Chibuzor Unachukwu* is a proven agent of reliable and qualitative change. He's a thorough breed in politics and development driven. He believes he can through robust representation turn Oyi state Constituency to a tourist hub and destination and inline with his vision for a greater Oyi attract numerous others investments that can take Oyi to the world map.

Consequently, Rapjoe Unachukwu has been a leading light in development as his masterly input in the transformation of the present day Abakaliki is of proven emphasis. He is equally a business mogul who has continually provide opportunities and succor to youths and indigents of his community (Ogbunike) and sponsoring many young talents within and outside the shores of Africa to acquire a better life and help the society at large.

Hon. Chibuzor Rapjoe Unachukwu has been a blessing to the youths and has equally proved his strides in leadership.

After years of uneven representation, Rapjoe will do a great thing if given the chance. In his quest to bring Oyi to the world, he has a PACT with his people. He wants to do a new and great thing.

Umu nnem, it's time "LET'S FIX IT"

*Vote Hon. Rapjoe Chibuzor Unachukwu for state house of Assembly Oyi Constituency he is our best bet for transformation, accessibility, human capital development and accountability.