About the millions of people with the capacity and zeal to proffer solutions to our basic challenge as a constituency but whose limitation is "PARTY" that is the paradox of Nigeria society-- PARTY as a platform for liberation in other countries, Is a limitation to us here.

With that realization, was a burning question: how can we change this?
I interacted with few constituents from diverse political background who shared the same interest of of Restoring Hope from maladministration and over the short time our ideas centered on putting forth a better candidate rather than party.
But the issues I was passionate about remain unattended to and it begin to Dawn on us as electorates to choose our leaders based on who we really want and not based on their political party.
Therefore, 'IF NOT GODSON EZENAGU,....THEN WHO? If not NOW, WHEN?' GODSON EZENAGU's blue print focuses on the basic constituency project such as clean water, access to basic healthcare, empowering people with a means of livelihood and securing a better future through proper legislation.

Chief EZENAGU's (OCHENDO) inspiration is simple: his political aspiration always hinged on harnessing common resources to positively impact lives. this is the vision we need in our dear constituency. This is the tale behind the Candidature of Dr Alex Egbona, I hope the story sends a message to the electorates; to step out and take charge and to vote personality.
This Dream is not about CHIEF GODSON EZENAGU, he is not perfect neither does he claim a monopoly of knowledge to solve all the problems that we face as a people.
This is what we can do for our constituency. VOTE CHIEF GODSON EZENAGU for House Of Representatives, Awka North & South Federal Constituency.