With no shuddering, the manner of which some over bloated ego politicians go about their politicking is nauseating, pitiful and a clear sign of cowardice.

On the lighter note, AIF media made publication on how Mr. Cater Dike raised an objection in a said meeting, trying to bring disharmony between the State government and the candidature of Engr. GOC Ezeno.

Being the Able P.G of Akpo has already distanced the personality of Engr. GOC Ezeno from bitterness or working against the state in anyway, as the PG's are under an umbrella called ASATU which is not political, rather works effectively with the state government in bringing grassroot development.

It is a display of shame in the part of Mr. Cater Dike, for it brings his desperation, nefariousness, sheer envy and avarice to the limelight. He has losed relevance in the grassroot, instead of accepting the eventualities of his defeat in the polls, resorted to cheap blackmail and disruption of community peace through peddling of falsehood and lies.

The repercussions of your yesterday's evil will not be left unpunished, surprises await you in Amaesi the home of Barr. Ikenna Ezeibenne, Akpo the home of Hon. Ikenna Ezeuchegbu, and also Achina the home of Hon. Nwakpadolu..

They are good men with good hearts but you influenced the unjust decisions that brought about their disqualification, after spending heavily with all the stress that comes with it. Eyes on the ball....!

Aguata I constituency has made their choice, Engr GOC Ezeno is for the people, as he will maintain the cordial relationship between state and local authorities in discharging his legislative duties despite the political party that gave him victory.

Vote YPP!
Vote Ezeno!