Our society has developed a culture of celebrating people after their exit from this sinful world.
At funerals, good things are said of the dead. While some might be true, others are said just to massage the ego a lifeless man. Of what importance is it? We tend to care less about celebrating people while they are alive and speaking good of them when they can still breath the air.

In line with THE LIVING TRIBUTE PROJECT which I initiated about two years ago to continually appraise and celebrate individuals, experts in various fields of human endeavour and leaders who are deserving of recognition, I had written about many people IN MY EYES and celebrated them while they are still alive.

However, I felt that there was more to Sen. Samuel Anyanwu (Samdaddy), a charismatic and enchanting politician who is so loved and admired by many. Hence, I wrote and published this work, entitled THE LIFE OF SAMDADDY IN MY EYES.

My views in the book were brought forward after a thorough research about his political, social, personal and religious lives. I wish to clearly state that there is no political undertone to it. But my motivation and aim remains to project a man whom I consider as having integrity and who has overtime displayed some interesting qualities of a good leader.

The book does not project Samdaddy as perfect, actually no man is, but it looks into the many good  things about one of Imo's finest lawmakers ever. Through this book, I gave honour to whom it is due.


Founder, Genius Eyes International Foundation & The Living Tribute LTD