President Muhammadu Buhari and is to face trial(for reasons i still don't understand).
    First off, By the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, a chief Justice can only be removed from office if:

1: He attains the age of 70
2: Death
3: Impeachment by the senate of the federal Republic. Which requires a high majority vote.

With the above, we understand clearly that, the president does not possess constitutional powers of any kind, to sack the Chief Justice of Nigeria, without a majority vote by the senate. What makes the whole thing funny is that, Mr. President made mention of "suspension" not even "sack". Meanwhile, the constitution does not make provisions for there to be suspension of any kind in the office of the CJN. It's either sack, or nothing.
 It is thus clear that the actions of Mr president were not lawful. His actions were guided by his intention to win the 2019 election at all cost. President Muhammadu Buhari is influencing the nigerian government. He is restructuring the government to be in his favour, come 2019 Presidential election. He is going against the law, yet he stands unchallenged. This is tyranny in disguise! He didn't stop at appointing Amina Zakari(his niece), as the INEC commissioner. He went further to appoint a new CJN. You still don't see the idea behind the whole thing? His niece would declare him winner of the 2019 presidential election(even if legally, he doesn't emerge the winner), opposition parties might end up taking the case to court. That's where the new CJN comes in, ruling the case in his favour. Constitutionally, the CJN's judgement is final!

You see now? Our dear President, whose sole agenda has been "fighting corruption", is infact corruption himself.

Know The Truth, Stay Woke And Say NO to Injustice and corruption in Nigeria.

                    Mr.Collins klen.
                     Content writer
                     Redefy Nigeria.