Every year, the Nigeria Professional Football League (NPFL) season starts with the anticipation of having an improve and a better season than the previous one .

But with the recent issues just weeks of resumption, crowd violence, poor officiating and delayed resumption, it looks like all stack holders across board have a hand in the 'One step forward two steps backwards.

NPFL still suffers from selfish interest and as such, finding a lasting solution may require the involvement of all.

No doubt the League Management Company (LMC) led by Shuhu Dikko deserves some aculade but on the contrary, the league has regressed badly in recent years

So many ills have contributed in making the league to lack behind. Poor branding, fixture congestion, abysmal broadcasting, logistics of players, welfare and payments of salaries, poor picture quality, laughable condition of clubs medical process,  poor handled security, poor officiating, violence in stadium,  cheating and match fixing, political interference among others. All these have contributed to the warm eaten up the league.

Apart from LMC having it's fair share of the blames for lack of sponsors, they need to find a lasting solution to tackling crowd violence beyond fines and banishment of teams from playing their home games at their home ground.

The Nigeria Referee Association (NFR) also need to contribute it's quota in reducing poor officiating from its officials.

Poor officiating from referees have is still raising it's ugly head dispite the five years ban of match officials if found quality as agreed by LMC and NPFL clubs Although it must be said poor officiating under no circumstances justifies crowd violence against any match officials.

 Even the best referees in the world make mistakes and non of them have been attacked and beten by fans.

Violence in stadiums can be treated with sensitization of fans.

Football analysts have said it will be difficult for clubs and LMC to attract a bulk of fans who are glued to the English Premier League (EPL) and other European football league and are already addict followers

Soccer fans have continue to lend their voices through different social media platforms on how the league needs massive improvement.

NPFL lovers in there different post have urged the appropriate authorities to do the needful. Some of the post reads:

"Who would be willing to invest in an unstable league that encourages cheating and match fixing. A league that hardly records away wins.

"The management should make it worth sponsoring. Most fans don't pay to watch matches. They have ways of wriggling themselves into the stadium.

"Fans should realise that it's not their teams birth right to win at home. Even referees are scared to award a visiting team penalty because of crowd violence.

"Poor handled security who fold their arms and watch referees injured and most times even players from the visiting team are not speard leaving them to their faith as seen in Jos where former league leaders Plateau united on match day one of the season recorded pitch ecroacgment and the referee beaten which resulted to them banished to illorin for three home games.

Remo stars did same few games latter when they drew at home against Insurance of Benin were the referee was attacked by the home fans.

Unfortunately, the clubs involved would do little to ensure the culprit are brought to book neither will they put up measures to avoid a repeat of such scenarios. This is a big disgrace when compared to what is found in Europe and some African leagues

Fans having unwavering flair of sabotage and violence during match games at different match veune.

 A Television deal needs to be agreed upon as soon as possible as this will enlighten and bring the league closer to the locals.

Young Minds that would improve the commentary section by bringing live into the game need to be injected into the system.  No inserting of poetry,  sacarsm,  suspense and exaggeration from the commentators.

The league is yet to have have an official identity enough to woo a passerby to want to enter the stadium and watch games.

Direct rules and procedures need to be followed with out any fear or favour. Some transparency and integrity is all it needs.

All hands must be on deck with issues facing the NPFL. LMC's hands alone is not enough