Between the day you are born and the day you die, you have an opportunity to either impact the world better than you met it or cause more havoc than you met.

Surely death is one thing we shall all experience and the moment one dies, you will only be remembered by your legacies which could be good or bad.

What would you be remembered for? Does the dead know or care how they are been remembered ? What did those that are remembered and celebrated did different?

Many people have lived and died with no one ever mentioning their names again. Many have argued that weather one dies famous or not makes no atom of difference. They insisted that all the certificates, awards, memorial and rememberance will be of no benefits.

Suprisingly, alot of people don't know what they want to remembered for.

Mrs Jane a mother of two in her opinion said " People should focus on having a good life while alive. Living a fulfilled, satisfying and happy life should be what we crave for. "

Another respondent David Igwe said " I want to be remembered like Mother Theresa, always doing good and showing love to people. "

Each day that passes, we are getting nearer to our graves and ofcos we all want to be remembered for the right reasons and it's soo amazing to have this consciousness and called life. The big question still remains "How do you want to be remembered ".