When you talk about Violence free election or Vote not fight you talk about Security of Corp members(Nigerian Youths) that will be working with Inec, bcos they ar the once that ar easily attacked in d polling units during elections.

Letter to Politicians and entire Nigerians.
2019 Election does not worth the Life or Blood of any Corp members. Do not violate Corpers, they ar not d cause of ur winning or losing, they ar only work for betterment of the nation. Corpers ar very much aware they will protect their selves or even run for their lives, but Security is a collective effort, help protect them if u can, even if is a security information that will save their life u give them, is something, after all information is power. If u can't help, do not be in d council of political thuggery that will Violate them. Do not make hate speeches against corpers for that can affect their security. Do not hate graduates for u will one day produce a Corper.
Pls🙏🏻Do not Violate Corpers! Thank you!!
Yours Sincerely,
Okafor Ngozi.