Chief Godson Ezenagu and his campaign team are presently being hosted by the Umudiaba youth movement in Nkwelle, Awka, Ward 1.

After a pleasantly raucous welcome by the hosts, Hon. Chuks Nwachukwu, The coordinator Awka Ward One, spoke about Ochendo and his political history wit APGA, citing the great strides and efforts he had put in as well as the unequivocal roles he played to support the respective governments of Peter Obi and Willie Obiano. Hon. Nwachukwu posited that his various state appointments aside, Ochendo had never run for another seat apart from the House of Rep seat and yet APGA were unable to deliver him in 2007 & 2015 due to lack of transparency that has infiltrated the party. He concluded that Ochendo should be voted for this time around because he was far better than the people that had gone for the post before and won and even better than the person seated in that post already. He urged the people to leave their habits of voting for a party and instead vote for credible individuals this time around.
Another speaker, Mrs Obianauju Nwosu, a Ward member belauded Ochendo as a charming, lovely and friendly person. She recounted how Ochendo rendered help to her last year when she was sick and bedridden in the hospital, she revealed that though he didn't come in person, he sent someone to give her the hospital bill.

Consequently, the Chairman, Umudiaba Youth Forum, Nonso Okafor, Spoke about Ochendo and his open heart which he said had been evident even before this election period. He decried the failure of the current leader in seat who although is from Awka South, had not done any thing for them. He pointed out that major road in the community was in a dilapidated state and becoming more unmotorable by the day while there was also no good transformer in the town. For these, he said they had decided to follow Ochendo this time around because it was quite apparent that the current man representing them in Abuja had failed them. He spoke of his confidence in Ochendo and pointed out that Ochendo picks his people's phone calls and gives a listening ear, a trait which few politicians possess. He concluded that he and his people had unanimously agreed to support Ochendo.
Finally, in a gesture which highlighted the unflinching forwardness of Ochendo, Chief Ezenagu promised to repair the bad road in question which was written down, signed in the public view, stamped and documented.