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The year has just began and we are generally positive and hopeful about having a fruitful, prosperous year and projecting our mind to December with a vision of accomplishment. This period, most People tend to believe that they have a shot at a better year ahead.

Almost everyone is been optimistic that what they failed to achieve last year will definitely be achieved this year. Some people are unable to disguise their joy with unending merriment while others are engrossed in assessment of how they feared last year.

Which ever way,  there is a need to strike a balance and striking a balance means thankfully looking forward to 2019 while having the life statistics of 2018 in mind.

According to a cleric,  "Being alive everyday is a gift and shows there is a purpose for your life. No matter how bad things are, because you are alive, there is a possibility for things to change and work for your good. Focus on the little things you have and attack everyday with renewed vigor. Do not just hope and pray that your life becomes better.  You need to take practical steps to be better at the current situations you find yourself. Have an attitude for gratitude. We all have something to be greatful for.  Look for yours daily. "

Mixed reactions have come up on weather resolutions are actually important or not. While some people feel it's necessary, others have kicked against the idea with the reason that they have tried it before and just few weeks into the year, they broke their promises.

January of any coming year, most people tend to make new year resolution. There is really no destination in life. Each day comes with goals and challenges. There is no end till the very end and things can change at anytime. Life is about continous growth and improvement.

A new year resolution is a promise a person makes for the new year. The goal is to improve their lives in the coming year.

The new year stand before us like a blank book. To many, this is a time for reflection and meditation.

Its a time of the year after days of excess booze and food consumption, we turn our attention to self improvement.

Mrs Theresa Nwafor said She does not write or make resolutions. According to her

 " I take out time to define what success and happiness means to me. There are many people who are not happy because they base their thoughts on what other people are chasing. I don't use the world's yarldstick. I do things in other of priorities. "

Many Nigerians through different social media platforms have took out time and advised those who care to listen saying

"people should improve on their responsibilities through going extra miles in achieving their goals, exercise some level of discipline in their life styles.

"Negative attributes like idleness, joblessness, Too much stress, limiting the time spent on social media, worries and so on should be dropped and positive verbs like being more humble, respectful, honest, sincere, thankful, God fearing should be improved."

An endigen of Awka who does not want his name to be mentioned spoke extensively and also made emphases on why new year resolution is relevant. And also cautioned youths about building their careers. In his words

" This year 2019, people should be more focus and invest on something they love doing and have passion for.  The more professional friends you have in your circle, the higher your chances of being successful. If you roll with those who are success oriented, then the same mindset will rub you.

"Stop procrastinating. 'I will do it later' has destroyed more people than bullets. Procrastinating is a dream killer and getting rid of it should be top of everyones list. It never allows one to achieve anything. It only sucks up your time and keeps you engaged on non-important issues. Discipline is the key to eliminate it through punishing your self for not completing tasks and rewarding yourself for completing them.

To the Young Minds, he challenged them to be more productive with their time. "Learn new skills. Never do the mistake of quitting your current job while you are yet to secure your dream one. A bird at hand is worth more than hundreds out there.

"Be wary of social media. Not all pictures and stories posted are a true representation of what is truly happening in people's live. It is very dangerous to to use the standard of social media as a basis of living. Not all that glitters is gold. Use your energy to plan and move forward. Keep working on  improving yourself. Do not be dragged into the trap of social media."

He concluded in advising parents to "spend more time with your family. This will help you groom your kids to be better people. "

As we journey into these year. Be the best version of yourself.

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