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I did opted to pass my sincere remorse through a video clip for a better communication but after the recordings the MB was too high and will be discouraging to download and listen…

So, We concluded on a Text Address....

It came to my notice on Friday, 4th January, 2019 that some lodges at Uli, campus (though just two (2) has been confirmed) were robbed naked….
“Robbed Naked” In the Sense that every belongings of the victims were cleared…

These, we know has not been a frequent occurring scenario in this great institution,

But, it must come to “ *A FINAL STOP* ”
And for us to put this disheartening incident to an End with immediate effect…..
We all must come out fully to play our various individual roles on Ending this Psychological threat & Trauma….

Firstly, I must commend the SUG, LED ADMINSTRATION of Comr. Okonkwo Collins and his indefatigable Executives.  Indeed, They are really creating an iconic stride and impact to the University Community.
On several occasions that brought me to school Last Year during the strike action, I met on regular bases the full squad of the SUG, LED ADMINSTRATION of Comr. Okonkwo Collins directing students, most especially the Year Ones and as well discharging their duties in their various post, same with the school security and Anti-cult as far as the stipulate Date of Closure by the School Management  on Friday, 21st December, 2018.
They were all at their duty post... These Act of Leadership.... _I must commend...._
We can’t blame solely the School management, SUG EXECUTIVES and various echelons of operation for this misfortune,
Remember, this is an off-Campus Robbery,
Nevertheless, No Tiers is Excluded.

I wish to bring to the table Three (3) Feasible Policies to be adopted to put a “ *FINAL STOP* ” to this Predicament ;

◼• Land Lords/Lodge Owners Intervention.

◼• Security Checks Intervention of Uli Vigilante and Nigeria Police, Ihiala Axis.

◼• Lodge Security Men & Occupants (the Students) Responsibilities.

Various landlords, caretakers  and owners of lodges at Uli, Campus should form a Union (that’s if there isn’t an existing ones), that will be spare-headed by the President General PG of Uli, community and as well the inclusiveness of the STUDENT UNION GOVERNMENT as the Student Advocate,   these will be an Avenue of Attention (A of A)resulting to lodges being registered under the union and as well lodges thoroughly secured by the Community Vigilante & Nigeria Police, Ihiala Axis;Moat especially when students are on Vacation or Holidays. These is a task to be actualized by SUG through the town, PRESIDENT GENERAL PG.

These is not just a task to be left for our School Security or the Anti-cult department ;Security Operatives will be tasked and deployed on maintaining Security Checks  through regular patrol and Night Watch.  Through this medium, Perpetrator will always be ON-THE-RUN and as from Time to Time, they should be supported and encouraged by constituted authorities.

Various,  Lodge Presidents should observe the  personality of their  Lodge Security Man, “Some security men are Thieves during Student’s Holidays”, So we should know the modulus operadum of our Lodge  Security man, if any signs of dissatisfaction occurs, The Lodge Presidents should notify the Landlord or Caretaker for due replacement.
              “ *_We cant be fighting criminals and harbor one in our household_* ”

I believe if this Three (3) Feasible Policies when adopted and properly executed will put to an END this Predicament.

I remain ever committed to contributing restlessly  to the growth, progress and development of this great citadel (My Badge of Honor)

God bless us all!!!
I am *Ibekwe Arinze I.*

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