A Chinese scientist who is based in the UK has published his claims in London Times magazine and Voice of London magazine too that his six years research has finally come out with an impressive result which has made it possible to recognize a virgin without having sex with her.

According to his claims, during an interview he can recognise a virgin from two poles away and he has publicly revealed the tricks to this awesome discovery on a live TV broadcast.
During a 30-minute live interview on BBC, which also was re-telecasted on CNN and other VIP world TVs like Channels TV, he has this to say through his interpreter:
"Against popular beliefs, sagged breasts don't really imply a lost virginity and torn hymen does not also mean virginity is lost. Pimples on the face is not an expressway of knowing a virgin. The only way to know a virgin is this.
When a girl is coming from about 3 poles away, watch her direction of movement and tactically move to the left, which would by impulse make her move to the right. Quietly walk beside her, then pass and go on your way to the nearest INEC office to collect your PVC.
Her virginity is none of your business. We need you to vote and ensure the right people are voted into power.