CHIEF GODSON EZENAGU: An Apostle & Advocate of Transformation


Contemporarily, One of the yardstick of measuring greatness is anchored on the ability to reproduce yourself in others. This singular act has over the years prompted Chief Godson Ezenagu to devise ways to see to the betterment of his people and improve the living standard of the people at the grassroot Level.

Furthermore, not only that Chief Godson Ezenagu has consistently empowered women and youths but has always been a Voice for Awka North & South in particular and Ndigbo in diaspora generally (cue his achievements and philanthropism towards Ndigbo in the Northern part of Nigeria).

As Commissioner for Agriculture in Anambra State, he created an economic-friendly atmosphere for Anambrarians to boost their business not only in his constituency but the state as a whole.
 Chief Godson Ezenagu's achievements and transformative policies can also be noticeable in the areas of job creation, quality representation as a commissioner and elder statesman, provision of Agricultural grants, offering of scholarship to indigent students etc.
Our distinguished Chief has also through his selfless instrumentality demonstrated competence in fixing many Igbo technocrats in sensitive Federal establishment through his high calibre federal and state connections.
 He has also donated huge sums of money to the political class across Awka North and South to prosecute their political ambitions ranging from House of Reps, House of Assembly, Chairmanship of Local Government Elections, Councillorship Elections, Anambra State Youth Exco Elections etc.

Chief Godson Ezenagu is a silent achiever. He never makes noise with his score card or frowns at other politicians subtle way of scoring cheap ambitious gain whenever they render service to the society, which to him should not be politicized but should be done with utmost sincerity, honesty and truthfulness.

Chief Godson Ezenagu has earned a name for himself across the length and breadth of Anambra state in particular and Nigeria in general and that has prompted the people of Awka North & South at home and diaspora to show solidarity and unalloyed support to him as he disclosed his sincere aspiration to vie for the House of Reps seat of his constituency.

 As things stand, the people of Awka are certainly confident that Chief Godson Ezenagu would deliver as he had always done when in smaller offices and have promised that they shall throw their undiluted supports in ensuring quality representation as much as he is been elected come February 2019.

Invest in the future

Vote for quality leadership

Vote for a man with burning desire to make a difference

Support our collective effort for sustainable development

Elect Chief Godson Ezenagu as Member, Federal House of Representatives, Awka North & South.
 Feb16, 2019 General Election