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What a noble king of a noble town?


It is known to all the remarkable antecedents of HRH P.N Ezeamama, Igwe Onyia Di Ike na Enugwu Umuonyia, how his Royal Majesty preserved the cultural heritage of their town and yet set out for developmental milestones is what gave him the title "Onyia Di Ike"....

What a noble king of a noble town?

As the Igwe celebrates his Ofala festival on this day, Rt. Hon. Chief Chukwuma Umeoji, the paragon of excellence, in his usual good ways had a handshake across the community, the warmth welcome given to him by the people of Enugwu Umuonyia has further justified the assertion " Oba Aguata 2019 is sacrosanct "

Oba further reassured all on his commitment towards community development and reformation. Undoubtedly, with Oba Aguata we are going beyond the political clich├ęs!

Long live Igwe Onyia Di Ike...!
Long live Aguata.....!
Ya gazie ooooo.....!

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