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Two Catholic Priest That Was kidnapped at Umueri Has Been Rescue By Police Men

The reason why I refer to Anambra opposition members as armchair critics that don't mean well for our people is because they are fond of broadcasting bad news about Anambra State but when good things happen they maintain sealed lips and foolishly try to play it down.

In Anambra State, good things in respect of the numerous commendable good works of Governor Obiano is yielding fruitful result our State and the peace he entrenched in the State can be likened to a 9 months old pregnancy that cannot be covered with bare hands.

During the launch of Operation ember month , Governor Obiano issued criminals a stern warning not to dare his security architecture in the State because if they do, they will have themselves to be blamed.

At the eve of Christmas, some criminals that gave deaf ears to Governor Obiano warning kidnapped 2 Catholic Priest at Umueri. When this ugly incident happened, Anambra opposition members that are expert broadcasters of bad news trended the bad news forgetting that Governor Obiano' s administration security architecture firmly entrenched in Anambra State is something that cannot be joked with.

As the opposition were busy trending the bad news, the well equipped Anambra Police command moved into action and rescued the two priests unhurt from the hands of their abductors.

Recently in our Country, many people that fell victims of kidnap died in the hands of their abductors to the extent that a former Chief of Defence Staff , Alex Badeh was murdered in cold blood.

But in Anambra State, two priests were kidnapped and rescued unhurt by men of Anambra State Police command. This is an uncommon feat and evidential proof that Governor Obiano has turned the formerly insecure Anambra State to the best secured State in Nigeria.

The useless Anambra opposition members are moving round Anambra State without security and without being afraid of violent criminal attack, courtesy of Governor Obiano security initiatives in the State.

When they move around other States in Nigeria, they increase the number of Police men that are following them because they know that they arw not safe in those States whereas in Anambra State, they can trek to the markets without security knowing fully well that the Agunechemba 1 of Anambra State is vigilantly watching over them.

Even with all the commendable efforts of our tireless working Governor, the opposition elements preferred a lifestyle of ingratitude, unappreciative lifestyle and life style of blackmail of the man that ensured their safety in their home State because of their foolish desperation to snatch power away from him.

Governor Obiano truly deserves commendations for his numerous good works in our State.

I remember vividly fmr Governor Chukwuemeka Ezeife description of security situation in Anambra State under Governor Obiano's watch when I had an interview session with him.

He said that Governor Obiano greatest achievements is security of lives and properties in Anambra State and that his administration security initiatives has yielded fruitful result to the extent that our people now celebrate festivals, weddings and other ceremonies in the State.

He stated that in the past before Governor Obiano assumption of office that our people celebrate their festivals and other ceremonies in Abuja and Lagos.

He finally asserted that when a wound is healed, the victim forgets the pain of the wound , meaning that Governor Obiano eradication of insecurity from Anambra State has made our people to forget the horrible experience they do pass through in the hands of wicked robbers and other criminals.

Under Governor Obiano watch, violent bank robbery has not been witnessed in Anambra State, high profile kidnapping has not been witnessed in Anambra State, communual clash has not been witnessed in Anambra State, herdsmen mayhem has not been witnessed in Anambra State and other violent crimes that gave ndi Anambra sleepless nights are now things of the past.

The people of Old Aguata Union that gave Anambra State architects of peace and security, His Excellency Chief Dr Willie Obiano the title of Agunechemba are right in the title choice of name because he is truly Agunechemba of all ndi Anambra.

Every criminal activities have been nipped in the bud as they happen in the State by the well equipped security personnels.

It is a thing of joy that the kidnapped Catholic priests has been rescued and returned to their duty post to continue their missionary works in their parish.

Ndi Anambra are truly in a safe hands and will continue supporting Anambra architects of peace, security and genuine development, His Excellency Chief Dr Willie Obiano to complete his divine mission in our State. Kudos to the Agunechemba of Anambra State for the successful rescue of the recently kidnapped Catholic priests.

Anambra is truly the safest States in Nigeria. Shame on Anambra opposition members and my advice to Anambra electorates is to avoid them like lepers because they don't mean well for them.

10 Gbosa for men of Anambra State Police command for being alert to their duties as directed by the Agunechemba of Anambra State, His Excellency Chief Dr Willie Obiano.

I remain your truth advocate, Evang Chinedu Obigwe (Akaekpuchionwa)National co-ordinator of APGA Media Warriors Forum

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