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This world is not a home... He was remembered by Jamie Godsword

When your condition was getting worse in the hospital in December last year I remember that day at Dr. Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah 's house in Nnewi, I was in the compound before Ifeanyi Azodo ,Rita Edochie-Tony,@omaricha and others called me and told me they came to see my boss Dr Ifeanyi Ubah
,I asked them what for,they told me you sent them to come and ask for financial assistant, looking at your picture with them I saw every reason to assist the delegate, they saw my boss,he didn't really know you but as a humble man he is, he suspended whatever he was doing and watched the short video you made,after seeing your condition at that moment he quickly asked them what is required for your treatment abroad and they said three million naira,he took your account number from them and early January I called him to remind him about the money and immediately, the greatest philanthropist of our time (Dr Ifeanyi Ubah) transferred the three million naira to your account and called me to confirm,
I called you immediately and you were happy to hear my voice, I can remember you said to me that seeing such amount at that moment had strengthened you,my boss asked me to keep checking on you to make sure you are fully recovered and I did,I became close to your family, weeks ago you called me and told me you are completely OK,I was so so happy, you asked me to tell my boss Dr Ifeanyi Ubah that you will be coming to thank him anytime soon,days after you brought a proposal that would enlarge your bank account if approved, you asked me to present it to my boss and see if he will approve it, after going through your proposal I saw sense in it then I sent it to my boss and told him it's from you,because he is that man that does not stop his kindness half way he approved the proposal and asked me to call you over,you were so fulfilled when I broke the news to you,early last week you called me and told me you will be coming down to the east before the end of this August, I was still waiting to meet the man whom I thought death rejected, the man who made me know what is called movie, the man who dealt with the White in the Battle of muzanga,the Obi madubogu of all people... I was still waiting to see you before I saw the news of your death,I still can't believe you are gone,I think this is a joke... What a life...Obi may your gentle soul rest in the bosom of the most high...on behalf of the management and staffs of capital oil and gas ltd and my humble self I send our heart felt condolence to your family and to the actors guild of Nigeria...
Rest in peace okenwa na ogidi...
Jee nke oma...
Jamie Godsword
(Mr Jamagold)

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