I ran inside the house with my Dad, steering at my mum with my phone..
" Nna anyi guest what!? She said almost in gruffy..
I became flabbergasted as I heard my mom. Does it mean that she saw the love SMS Ikechukwu sent to me, though I have been warning him to stay away from me but to no avail. But my mom can't be happy this way ,had it been she saw the text..
"Mama Isabella, please as you can see, I don't have time to start guessing anything " my Dad interrupted.
" Congratulations Isa baby, my Mon said with a hand shake. I became more convinced this time around that something good has happened and my Dad was more interested, At least for the first four days, that was the first  time I could see my Dad broadly smiling.
"What could that be ? My mom want to say keeping everyone in a state of dilemma.
My mom was about to talk when someone knocked like a thief in our door..
" Who is that? My dad asked with a thurnderous voice."
"Who wants to jeopardized my expectations from my mom,I wondered as I followed my Dad to know who the person is.
" It could either be Good or ugly expectations,I can't really tell. Why should my mom be delaying to tell us what exactly happened, I also can't tell..not happy this time around all I know is my admission