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Somebody Please Save Us From These Two Men Frustrating Buhari’s Government!!! Aisha Buhari Pleads

The Wife of the President and First Lady, Dr. Aisha Buhari has recently made a claim that there are two powerful people in President’s Buhari’s Government who were sabotaging all his efforts.

Mrs. Buhari spoke at a conference organized by Project 4+4 in Abuja on Tuesday.
She, however, failed to mention the names of the powerful persons. Even though she didn’t mention names, this claim has only served to buttress previous claims that there is a cabal who is secretly controlling and making dictations for the president.
Wife of the Vice President Prof. Yemi Osinbajo, Dolapo Osinbajo, also attended event.
According to Aisha, her husband’s administration had “achieved a lot but could have achieved more or even achieved all it had in one year but for two people in government who will never allow things to move fast.”

The influence of this men in the President’s Government is so profound that the First lady Aisha Buhari has said that she was “disappointed in men who rather than fight these two men will go to them in the night begging for favour.”
Sensing that some of the people in attendance may not be comfortable with this revelation, Mrs. Buhari called on Nigerian women to rise and fight, adding, “I have realized that Senator Babafemi Ojodu, Special Adviser, political, to the President, and Dr. Hajo Sani, and wife of the Vice-President, Mrs Osinbajo, are not comfortable with my saying this and want me to confine myself to my prepared speech but we must say the truth.”

The President’s wife insisted that the powerful duo were retrogressive elements preventing the government from moving forward.
This is a major revelation, what do you think should be done, let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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