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We Have Build Family Together, We have build Friendship Here*
*Now We are Family, We are Friends and We Are One!!

By *Obioma Obidiegwu*

*Through All Social Media Channels From Facebook -Instagram -Twitter -Blogs* We have the opportunity to communicate, reconnect  with our friends we parted ways with and even befriend with people we may have never met in real life, which is crazy and most coolest thing!

It's really amazing, and something that I am personally super grateful for. I have met so many sweet friends through social media over the years, many of which have become the kind of friends that I don't know where I'd be without today.  And it honestly blows my mind that I get to now know and do life with these women simply because we followed one another on Instagram or read each other's blogs... or both!

Do You Know what makes it so unique, they are just normal people online like you that wants to connect and reconnect. *These are all cherished friendships that I likely would not have if it weren't for social media.*

And *Doris Ada Kamuche* who have one of the biggest group online comprising of Ndiigbo and friends Ndioma Ndioma says...
If Social Media has not helped you please remove all your friends, add new ones  because this family is a great one, we have real blood in here... I am serious, no jokes!!?

We are Getting 2018 Done in just few days, We have lost dear ones, facebook friends, neighbors and family.

Well I just want to let you all know despite our political, Economic, Social, financial, Religious and otherwise affiliation and differences *YET WE HAVE ONE BIG FAMILY HERE AND YOU GUYS HAVE BEEN SO WONDERFUL AND AMAZING.*

*Let's keep connecting and reconnecting, disagreeing and agreeing to be better friends and family.*

As You travel to the Village don't forget to *LIVE, DRIVE, ENJOY and PLAY SAFE for I am waiting for you here.*

*MUCH LOVE FROM* *Obilove*
*It is 20th December 2018*

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