"I refused to be a conduit pipe for Peter Obi in his devilish siphoning of Anambra billions when he was the governor of the state"- Rev. Mbaka.

It was a serene atmosphere. The type you see and feel in the office of a man of God. Mbaka's aura is out of this world. The stage is the bare and austere office of Rev. Fr. Ejike Cammillus Anthony Ebenezer Mbaka . He is the Parish Priest of Christ the King Parish, GRA Enugu and also the founder and spiritual director of Adoration Ministries, Enugu, Nigeria.

Our team met with him.

We sketched around his calling which we found out is divine. Rev. Fr. Mbaka is the only son of his father but still went ahead to close his father's lineage in the Igbo tradition context by choosing to be a Priest! The revelation was overwhelming as it is contagious. We also got to know the real reason behind the cat and mouse relationship between the former governor of Anambra State and Rev. Mbaka. Before going further, let it be known that Peter Obi has never donated a cent to the Adoration Ministry even when people tend to believe his makeshift philanthropy to Churches which are laced with politics

When we got to the real issue that brought us to him, Rev. Mbaka smiled and told us to wait. He went through some documents and then stared in the room space for some minutes and then said. 'God is still fighting his battle for his children, the hand of evil will not stop the work of God' We got confused but he continued.

In 2010, I received an emissary from His Excellency Peter Obi, then he was the governor of Anambra State. I was told that His Excellency Peter Obi will be a guest in my Adoration ground and will want a 30 minute discussion with me after service. I agreed. After the service, Peter Obi came into this office and sat where you are sitting now and commended me and my ministry. He then went straight to why he came.

He told me he need my help, that he wanted to be donating every three months the sum of five hundred million naira to the Adoration Ministry and he wanted massive publicity on the donation. However, that I will be keeping five million naira after each donation. That he will be sending his emissary whom I later came to know as his Personal Assistant, Mr. Valentine Obienyem for the balance of four hundred and ninety five million. He told me that the donations will be done twelve times in a period of three years and I Rev. Mbaka will make sixty million naira for been a good priest in the partnership. I became infuriated but managed to hold my peace. I then asked Peter Obi if his plan is to use me to siphon Six billion naira of his people's money. I told Peter Obi that Adoration Ministry will survive without his dirty and bloody money. It was a big blow to me that Peter Obi is so wicked and heartless. I could not believe it that a leader would be so callous and stone hearted as to want to steal within three years the sum of Six billion naira of his people's money and still pretend to be a good Christian.

Then Rev. Mbaka opened another chapter. ' In this coming presidential election, Atiku Abubakar and Peter Obi will be disgraced because both are the worse combination any one can think of. They are the most corrupt and wicked set of leaders ever produced by this country. Heaven has signed it that they will be disgraced. Their intention is not to serve Nigeria. They want to get to Aso Rock for their selfish interests. God has rejected them. They will fail.

In all, our mission to Enugu was a success. We now know why His Excellency, Peter Obi refused to be part of the yearly harvest of Adoration Ministry. We now understand the reason why Rev. Mbaka is so blunt with Peter Obi when he visited the Adoration Ministry. As the election approaches, Nigeria should expect more revelation into the atrocities committed by the former governor of Anambra state to his state when he was in charge of the state finance.

Ms Stella Okonkwo
For: SunNews