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President of Rotary Club International, Olori Opeyemi Omobolawa Fola, has died as result of gas explosion in Osogbo.

This happened barely 48 hours after a gas cylinder explosion triggered by a phone call, killed three people in Sagamu, Ogun State.

The trained senior nurse who was also the President, Rotary Club International, GRA, Osogbo, was said to have gone to the popular Grace Gas, Osogbo, to refill her cylinder, when she suddenly had a call and brought out her phone from her pocket.

According to an eyewitness, the phone exploded instantly, set the woman and her car on fire, flung the cylinder to a far distance. Some others were also said to have been seriously injured as a result of the explosion.
Keep forwarding this important reminder of the day:

Do you make calls or receive calls in your kitchen? Just 3 days ago, at a gas station at Osogbo, people were brought into the casualty department of a hospital, others transferred to OAUTH Ife for burns injury which they sustained while one customer was receiving phone calls at a Cooking Gas Depot.

Even microwave oven or induction stoves could be dangerous.
Some people cook with the phone pressed against their ears! Please stop making or receiving calls in the kitchen. It is as dangerous as making or receiving calls in a petrol station.

Please don't forget to notify your loved ones". If the call is very urgent then move away from the gas by 10-12 feet distance and then take the call.
Remember that your safety is your family's safety as well.
If this information is useful to you. Please don't lock it up in your phone. Spread the safety precaution news.

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