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Pen of the gods

Tuesday Political Pew..
My Senatorial Zone, my Voice and the unbias Truth by Mazi Odera POg 11/12/18.

When our elders said "Onye obuna ka azo onweya" (One fight for self first), it was a statement of Fact.

Ekesia na ama, eburu naba na Obi is another metaphor that is engaging (After Wholesale politicking, your home politics is Supreme), the hour is here, the untainted stance is standing, the time to sit under the ugoro tree also known as Akuilu or bitter cola, chew the seed and make pronouncement that it is bitter.

We have seen how SINATOR Victor Umeh, the Jaguda of Shinkafi, OBATA OSU of Igbo land, a Man who is holding over 183 Traditional titles but not single one from his Town, he is not inducted into Nze na Ozo of his town, may be for traditional sacrilege or because he stood against the town's progress by his single handedly putting his town in Court, sorry several courts for over a decade just to make sure they do not have Igwe and PG, not that they do not have capacity or yearnings toward such, but because they choose one without asking him his choice and on PG they floored his choice and elect a more qualified, so with his connections within the Government and Eze Onyeagwanam attitude, couple with his most exalted title OBATA OSU (MOVING CRISIS) he enjoys when people are sad, when they gnash teeth, when they live in penury,so he put his town in Perpetual Court process.

He spent his days as APGA leader for 13 years and unleashed diplomacy laced with pains and unaccountability upon the Party, a position that he should have held for 8 years but he ended up holding it for 13 years, during that period he sold Forms for Councilors, Local Government Chairmen Elections, then after they bought over inflated Forms, he will sponsor somebody who will go court on one stupid argument and buy a jaundice postponement  or annulment and the money collected are waved bye bye.

Fast forward to his ascension into the Red Chambers called the SENATE.

His Tenure as the Lord of APGA, a party that Peter Obi brought him into while he served as state treasurer of PDP and P.A to Offiadulu, he came in and started playing Voodoo Politics and before one can say.. Orie Nimo...  he has schemed out the Chairman of the Party Chief Chekwas Okolie.

His Tenure, he served as the CHAIRMAN, SECRETARY, FIN SEC, TREASURER, P.R.O and he was ONE MAN NEC, NWC (NATIONAL EXECUTIVE COUNCIL, NATIONAL WORKING COMMITTEE), He cooked the dillapidation that crooked APGA as a party, but moving on..

At the reluctant leaving the Party Head after 13 Years of running the party as personal enterprise, including all the money given to him to run and establish the party within the state and expand to other states which he embezzled and garnished the accounts, as it is there is no audited account of the PARTY for the 13 years of Epileptic movement under his reign, the party that expanded to IMO STATE and ABIA but were crippled by the high quest of one man, who held the party to strangulation hold for 13 years..

Stay tuned for phase 2, the Injection of the Real Senator, a Lady with a Midas Touch, the Epitome of Legislation..

This is Mazi Odera POg trekking to UFUMA to buy AKARA na bread with Nkwu Enu for breakfast, may be I will branch off at Umunze na nke JUSTINA to Charge the Battery of my Phone..
Mazi Odera at 12:47 AM

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