Read  this rumor against my late Uncle. Hon. Engr. BETHEL CHUKWUDI ONYENYIRI.From Enugu - Akwu Achi OJI RIVER L.G.A. ENUGU STATE.

 That Means the family of late Onowu is not saved from the virus that was why the niece by name Dramano Abuchi Came out on Facebook posting so many things against Onyi.

 Onowu family

But the information gathering about the story is that the person behind the fake Facebook mask is not a guy, but a lady with the name Benita Pius from Akwa ibom.

 She has been  the one broadcasting the HIV news  on Facebook with the name Dramano Abuchi.
 And also her sister Mary with her brother kufere Pius Edet. People should be careful with the kind of people they bring into their home as a nanny or whatever. This so call Benita Pius was a house help to Onyi Obodoechina,
 before she left to on know place to be working against Onyi Obodoechina, just to kill her image.I still don't know how Awka ibom person has an Uncle from Enugu state and the wife of Onowu has not accused the lady in question of killing her husband. 

Any person who is fighting our life in any form let that person die by fire in Jesus name Amen. May the soul of this young man R. I. P. We all know that he died like a hero. He is well known politician and also as Onowu Bethel Onyenyiri.  This man was my uncle and he did not die of any sickness it was just a one night attack that killed him and I don't know anything about his past life with any lady called by name actress onyinye Obodoechina. Please whoever that is behind this story line should please let my brother to rest in peace. Thanks
Why is it that people with frustrated life will not go and put their lives in other? They cannot remove the sand in their own eyes, but they wants to blow away another person’s eyes. What am seeing here is just envy. Anybody that will stand to destroy