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Lady Whose Pant Was Stolen Vomits Cash In Delta

Mariam Abdul, a young woman in Warri, Delta State, attracted a large crowd to her residence at Ogaga Street, Effurun in Uvwie LGA of Delta State after she was found allegedly vomiting cash.

The 20s lady was said to have started behaving strangely after some ritualists called “Yahoo Boys” stole her pants.
Her husband, Taye Adekunle, reportedly raised the alarm that attracted neighbors
Palpable fear exists among females in a large chunk of Delta State over increasing theft of female pants purportedly for ritual purposes.

An unnamed resident of the area was quoted by The Nation as saying, “Recently, Mariam’s panties were stolen by some unidentified ‘Yahoo Boys’ and she raised the alarm that her panties she spread after washing had been stolen. You must already know that this has been a trend in the state in recent times..
“But at about 3:45am (on Sunday), we heard a strange voice of ‘help me o’ from their apartment. The man was calling for help. Many of us could not open our doors until we heard the voices of some vigilante men in the area. When we got there, we saw the lady vomiting N500 notes.

“I would have doubted if I had not seen her myself. We’re all dumbfounded because we don’t know what to do. The N500 notes were coming out one after the other. It was through the effort of the pastor and some residents who were praying for her that she stopped.

“Three weeks ago, she and her husband announced that her pant which was hung in front of their apartment was missing. No one claimed to see the pant. We suspect that whoever stole the pant might have used it for ritual purpose since it is the reigning thing.”

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