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Here Is BENITA PIUS Who Use Fake Names On Facebook

This girl here you are seeing according to research and report (BENITA PIUS) from Akwa ibom she is a mother of one a boy, which she left in the village.

With some investigations she is a notorious prostitute and human trafficker in Akwa ibom, after she was declared wanted in Akwa ibom. Which  she ran to Port Harcourt, in  2016 she was announced HIV POSITIVE and has committed 7 abortion. Accidently She ran away form PH to enugu which Onyi Obodoechina a nollywood actress from  Anambra state . Took her as her nanny and a sister, she loved her like her own daughter took care of her and gave her a better life without knowing she is a wolf in sheep clothing. She never stopped her witchcraft life yes she is a witch. ONYI  Obodoechina sent her away when she tries to kidnap her two daughters(mirabel and Sandra Obodoechina) for her previous evil business, but miraculously she was caught.
Since that day she has declared herself an enemy to the family of Onyii Obodoechina.
This her picture let's save the world.

I Francis udom reporting from Akwa ibom.  

Here is the fake name she use  Dramano Abuchi  , 

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