The kind of women that exist now do surprise me, they all need already made. But they can’t build the future with their man, someone that work had to make you happy, someone who fights to keep food on your table.
But you won’t value him, you need that man that will have a night with you, and use you for money ritual. After paying you for sex you became his money making marching, Girls be wise and wake up, stand for your man build his money with him, and enjoy the empire together.
Well Sight by Obioma Obidiegwu
Everybody is busy seeing the car and the money but none thought about the JOURNEY..
E money was once a broke boyfriend too
The woman beside him supported him and was with him irrespective of all the already made guys.
The respect this man gives his wife, She has been through a lot
Good deed pays a million fold.
It flows like a river!
Don't imagine to be the woman
Just be there for your Man
The one with brain won't joke with you when his tap starts rushing.
Me.... All this slay girls did you hear this?