I was fool of myself that I couldn't ask my daddy any question. it's written all over his face that he was not happy with me.
I knelt down close beside my mom.
" Daddy please give me another chance" my voice landed with emotions. " Shout up your mouth, you kept on wasting my money every year.look at you , getting older but no school yet or rather nothing to offer. I received a call last night from Ukandu that her daughter Nnonye has gotten admission..As I heard the last statement from my daddy, I became flabbergasted. Nnonye is my junior in secondary school. How could she got admission before me. Is high time I realized that what my English teacher said then ..that life as a student is like a race which we can't predict who is gonna complete it .I still don't believe that Nnonye I taught has gotten admission..
Please Nna anyi you know that Isabelle is our only daughter. Let's hope she is going to make it next year. my finally said and left in pity.
" Isabella if I should advice you, marry and forget about school..*
But Daddy, I cut into his talk. if marriage comes first that vision of becoming a journalist would be jeopardized and perhaps you I don't wanna become a house wife.
This time around,my daddy  was shocked with my expression. He took me in the hands and raise me up..
Shortly afterwards a voice shouted from a distant ,it was the voice of my mom..
"What happened? I wondered steering at my Daddy as we ran as fast as our feet could carry inside the house..