Chief Ben Obi I heard is from Agulu holds the title of Mbuze Agulu. The day I heard about Mbuze Agulu was when I led a three thousand strong members of Ndi Anambra under the auspices of Anambra State Peoples Assembly ( ASPA) on a solidarity visit to Mr Peter Obi former Governor of Anambra State at the Governors Lodge, Amawbia. It was in course of Peter Obi speech that he mentioned Mbuze Agulu and that was when I was taken aback. and I started asking questions.

Recently, Chief Ben Obi a.k.a. Mbuze Agulu has started parading himself as Igwe Apga and has been using that clownish posture to insult and malign the National Chairman of Apga, Ozonkpu Victor Oye.

Inasmuch as I am not happy the way primaries were conducted in most parties in the country particularly Apga and APC. I don't think that is enough for anybody to resort to such gutter language in addressing National Chairman of a national party like APGA.
If there is anybody that should address the National Chairman in such an uncut and thuggish manner certainly it is not Chief Ben Obi .
For one, Chief Ben Obi is not known to have won any election in any known political party in Anambra state. Besides, as a self styled major stake holder in Apga how many candidates has he successfully sponsored or supported to win an election in his home town, Agulu? It is on record that since Peter Obi left APGA ,the party has never won any major election in Agulu. Today APGA is merely struggling to exist.
Does Ben Obi actually understand the import of an Igwe that an Igwe is supposed to have both influence and power to win territories. But this is an Igwe that cannot even deliver his ward which is one of the smallest wards in Agulu, not to talk of the entire Agulu.

This is a man that has stayed through the administration of his brother Mr Peter Obi for eight years and now about to complete another eight years under Chief Willie Obiano, yet he cannot win a mere ward election either for himself or any other candidate.

I am really amazed that a man of his age can be instigated to appear on a video to molest a party National Chairman in such a reckless manner even if he was given fifty million naira.

Forget about politics and individual ambition let's say the truth, no other National Chairman in the country today has achieved what Dr Victor Ike Oye has done in terms of party stability, direction, focus and results. No nobody is perfect.
If you think somebody has made a mistake along the line why don't you approach and offer an advice than playing to the gallery.

If a so called Igwe of Apga cannot be man enough to approach his party National
Chairman and resort to public foolery,is he out to build or destroy APGA. But we are not fooled after all it's no longer an open secret that many politicians in the South East have been bought over by APC with assignment to destroy their own parties from within.