It's Saturday morning when my parents misunderstanding woke me up.
it's has been a while my parents has yelled at each other and that was the day my my daddy Nze drank himself to stupor, my mom has been trying to stop him but all in futile..
This particular morning I wondered what the problem could be.
"Isabella should marry and leave school,this has been the third time jamb failed offering her admission,maybe her destiny is not in education" I over heard my daddy's uproar.
"But Nna anyi let's give her one more chance, both of us know that she have a high score in jamb and admission is by connection or no admission" my mom's voice descended on me as I could remember how my friends paid #50,000 each to get admission. What will I do now? I kept on wondering with treacherous tears. My daddy is a man of his words and has been the bread winner of the family. What was the reason why jamb denied my admission with my score 243 not even poly..I kept on reverberating.
I managed to woke up as my phone rang ,it was my friend Ogechi. She has gotten admission to unizik in the Vc list with her low score 185 to study medicine. I was happy for her but inwardly am sad. My hope of going to unizik is gone and almost all my friends was admitted over there. 😰 Tears started dropping from my eyes down to my cheeks.
" dad and Mon is still exchanging words, I opened the door seeing my Mon shadding tears with her knees on the ground.
"What's is going on here,I wondered looking intently to my daddy who is sitting unconcernly..