An Instagram user has accused Lola Omotayo, the wife of Peter Okoye of using yoruba juju to blind him. This comes after Lola made a post on how she deals with all the negativity thrown at her on many sides.

According to the mother of two, despite the hatred she receives from many sources, she constantly reminds herself to keep her head high and stay above the negative vibes. Lola had barely dropped her post when a troll descended on her calling her a hypocrite who caused trouble for the Okoye Family with her Yoruba whims.

Recall that Lola Omotayo is the only non-igbo bride of the three wives in the family. It is also obvious that there is no love lost between her and her husband’s brothers. On many occasions, fingers have been pointed at her for being behind the woes and separation in the family. Peter has however remained a rock, literally behind his wife.The troll had told Lola to leave the Okoye Family since she is the root of all their troubles!