Grace and Peace from God the Father and from our Lord Jesus Christ unto you His Servants in the gospel.

I am Lagos state Evangelist HOLINESS REVIVAL MOVEMENT WORLDWIDE, a non denominational ministry with headquarters in Abuja. On behalf of Lagos state chapter of ministry, I write you this letter as a matter of urgency that requires your early attention. This has to do with the fate and the future of Christianity in Nigeria. There is a sinister move by the President and the Islamic body to wipe away Christianity in Nigeria within the few coming months.
as we all know that there has been several moves in the past years to Islamize Nigeria but to no avail. but this time the Lord says they will succeed if we the church does not do anything about it.
We attended an international holiness conference at Abuja this past month August 2018, which was attended by 4 - 5000 ministers. in this conference it was revealed that while Nigerians and the Church are planning to use their voters card to vote Buhari out of power, the Muslims are planning to carry out mass killing of Christians through out the federation because they know that Buhari without the Church cannot win the election. please be very much aware that by their plan there shall be no election. in 2019.
As we speak, weapons have been bought and distributed through out all the state in Nigeria, even in Lagos. if you remember sir that some 2 to 3 weeks ago, a ship was seized on the sea loaded with weapons and when the people in the ship were asked where they were taking it to, they said to Nigeria. mercenaries, trained jihad soldiers have been hired from outside the country and have been brought into Nigeria and as we speak, they have been distributed into every part of the country to will carry out this evil. a date has been fixed and they are well prepared in such a way that nothing can stop them in fact they have made sure that when the war breaks out, Christians will not have access to weapons. they are only waiting for that day to come.
A police man at the police college told myself and some brethren that all the armories in Nigeria Muslims are they ones heading them and this is to prevent the Christians from laying hands on any weapon.
we have proofs and testimonies to show this. and the Lord also confirmed this.
but let me share a few testimony with you. during the President Good luck Jonathan's regime, my former pastor was in a car with a Muslim who hired him for job. as they drove past the Redemption camp, the man said to my pastor do you see this camp and how big it is? and my pastor responded yes. He said do you see that it is till in building? he responded yes. the man siad let them continue building it, because they are building it for us and my pastor asked him what he meant by that statement, the man responded by saying that we are going to turn it into a mosque. i can provide you with contact to confirm this information.
Another one. at the conference, a pastor by the name Arinze said he boarded a vehicle from Nasarawa to Abuja, but when he entered the vehicle he noticed they were all Muslims in the vehicle. when they noticed he was a Christian, the man at the front seat turned to him and said, let me tell you people that this time you people will not escape. we tried it the 1st and the 2nd time it failed, but this time nothing will stop it. we are well prepared and everything is in place we have weapons and those that will fight. the pastor said the man was speaking to him is such a way as to get him to react but the Lord gave him an unusual grace to be very quiet. when they got to a point in their journey, the pastor told them he wanted to drop and they let him go. the moment he got out of the vehicle, the Lord said to him i allowed you enter that vehicle so you can hear what they are planning.
Another one. when we came back to Lagos we decided to have 5 night vigils, from Monday 10th of September to 15th of September, on Wednesday while praying, the pastor that was leading the prayer said an army Christian sister call him form Enugu and said we should please pray because the president sent a message to the superior army officer in the barracks, i think 88 division army barracks that they should prepare for training, because there is about to be a war that will break out in Nigeria, she said they called the war an ethnic cleansing. they told them that they were sending in soldiers to be trained for the war and in less than 3 hours, not 2, not 3 army trucks loaded with soldiers entered the barracks and training began that same day.
there are many other information, but let me stop here.
Now, what the Lord told us, the Lord said what they are planning is true, and that he would have allowed it happen because he is not pleased with the Nigerian church and the flamboyant lifestyle of their pastors, but for the sake of the few that are doing his will and are faithful to him, he will stop it. but He demands that the Nigerian Church and their pastors must repent and mourn and then cry down his mercy from heaven upon Nigeria, the Lord said he wants Nigeria to organize a national mourning and cry for mercy else in the next few months, Christianity and the church in Nigeria will be history.
if you remember that before Buhari came into power, a Pastor by the name Bosun Emmanuel warned the Church sternly to repent and not to vote in buhari but the Church rejected it and called it PDP propaganda. at another time this year another pastor from America gave the same prophecy that if the Church in Nigeria and the Nigerian Pastor does not repent, the killings in Benue and other parts of the north will spread to every state in Nigeria but because the message again condemned the lifestyle of the Nigerian pastors, Prophet ISAH EL BUBA got up and called it APC propaganda and told Nigerians to reject the message. the Bible says that from the mouth of two or three witnesses every word shall be establish and the witness of two men is true this will be the third time this divine information will come to the Nigerian Church lets not act like the children of Israel who said they will never go into captivity and that Jeremiah did not speak from the Lord and eventually they went into captivity.
The church in turkey did the same thing and today Christianity is no more in turkey.
If this information is difficult to be accepted, before you reject it go to the Lord
in prayer for confirmation be you throw it away.
The Lord told us not to hide this information but we should make it public. HE said we should let the enemy know that we know what they are planning. he said we should call the Church to wake up and pray.
so we in HOLINESS REVIVAL MOVEMENT are making banners, handbills, CDs, we shall march to the street to awaken the believers, we will go from church to church to create this awareness. we are also going to make announcement on the TV and Radio to wake up every believer.
please be informed that as we are doing it in Lagos State, so it is also going on in every other state in Nigeria. we have decided to use the 29th, 30th of September and 1st of October as our days of National mourning. please do the same mobilize pastors and church members to call upon the God of heaven and let him show us mercy.
God bless You ALL.

kindly forward this message to others in your contacts. Pastors, Rev. Bishops. RRN ETC.