Don't look down on any person in this world, even that mad man/woman on your streets, because there can be a dramatical turnaround if the Lord surfaces.

You can ask the blind Bathimaeus, the woman in the Act and the woman with Issue of Blood.

Don't use your position in life to suppress the poor and needies, remember, no one knows tomorrow.

You can revisit the mysterious stories of Haman and Modecai, Vashti and Esther, Jephthah and his brethren, King Saul and David, Pharaoh and the Israelites....
Whom God has blessed, no one can curse...period!

God is all out to bless someone this morning and
it must you and it must be me, even your family and neighbours as your faith can carry.

Sweet Holy Ghost have your way...mark me and my family out today and in this season for a dynamic and a supernatural turnaround for your Glory's sake!

Have a surprised weekend!